About Us

About Us

Kalabhi is a journey of art and artists along with his/her academic growth. Art, artist and artistic services(academy) as three key elements, “an artist for art’s sake ; art for an artist’s sake” as a motive developed an idea which evolved over a period of time and finally established as ” Kalabhi”. This can be called as an amalgamation of young minds and hearts which beats with a passion towards art. The beauty of art must be savored by everyone; Art and artistic works must be loved and recognised by everyone; each one of us must be aware and support the developments in the field of art and contribute for the same with the evolving liberal thoughts of art which would lead to an idealistic society of humane society reciprocating to the same is the aim of Kalabhi.

  • To reach out to thousands of appreciative eyes!
  • To be part and invest in the dedicated personalities of art.
  • In order to explore the new dimensions of art;
  • Try and fulfill the thirsty parched souls of art.
  • To eradicate the toxicity of negative thoughts…

We at Kalabhi work hand in hand to meet every minute details of art in all possible and impossible forms. Two Active Faces of KALABHI (R.) are Kalabhi Theatre and Kalabhi Productions



  1. SHIKI | The External Frame of Stree
  2. BELAGU JAAVA | Dance Album
  3. CONTEMPLATE | Photography Exhibition


  1. NADIBETTU | Daivaradhane Documentary
  2. CREATIVE UNLOCK | Unlocking From Corona Pandemic


  1.  DILEMA | Music Mashup Cover Album
  3. DWAYA
  4. VIKAASA | Childrens Summer Camp
    • One woman show - Gellisabeku avala
    • Badhuku Thiliso hadu
    • One man yakshagana - Vishaya Vibhrama
    • Kalavidhara Samilana - Yaksha Rangayana Karkala
    • Vachana sandhana


  1. Children’s Theatre Production -> ARALU 2023 | Professional Theatre Children
    • Mowgli - The Jungle Book
    • Rajana Savaal, Makkala Kamaal
    • Mruga mathu Sundari ( Beauty and the Beast )
    • A Puppets Journey | Explore the possibilities of Puppet and Puppetry
    • Kalaripayattu | Indian Martialarts
    • Kalavidhara Samilana - Ninasam Tirugata troup
    • Kuvempu Namana

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