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Ignite your senses and witness the transformative journey where creativity knows no limits, only at Kalabhi

About Us

Kalabhi is a journey of art and artists along with his/her academic growth.

Art, artist and artistic services(academy) as three key elements, “an artist for art’s sake; art for an  artist’s sake” as a motive developed an idea which evolved over a period of time and finally established as ” Kalabhi


Branches – Projects

Cinematic and Documentary Productions

Cinematic and Documentary Productions encompass imaginative fictional narratives for entertainment and factual accounts of real events. Cinemas captivate with creativity, while documentaries inform with real-world insights, both enriching our understanding of the world.

Theatre productions

Theatre productions are live, immersive performances that bring together actors, directors, and designers to create captivating experiences. From classic plays to musicals, they offer diverse stories, emotions, and artistic expression, forging a unique connection with the audience and inspiring generations.

Public Programs

Public programs offer educational, cultural, and recreational opportunities to communities. They include workshops, exhibitions, performances, and events that foster learning and promote inclusivity. By providing enriching experiences, public programs empower individuals and nurture a sense of unity in society.

Our Work

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